Global Presence: Revolutionary Technology. deeper contacts.

Trust and security

We make searching safer

We take security very seriously and are constantly innovating to ensure a safe and positive experience for all of our users.

Promotion of contacts through technology

At Alptec, we are driven by passion. Our pursuit of developing an integrated technology that brings people together is never-ending. It is the catalyst for all of our posts, from the Swipe® feature to social discovery. We serve all segments of society globally, generating connections across the spectrum of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, background and relationship aspirations.

That is what sets us apart

We take your privacy seriously

Finding contacts is an exciting, deeply personal experience - ensuring user privacy is fundamental. Our members can rest assured that we will protect them as they navigate the exciting world created by our apps.

We adapt to the changing times

Alptec's platforms have helped connect people, break down the barriers of isolation and keep people socially connected despite being physically separated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Match Group's technologies keep generating such contacts so that when life returns to "normal", our user network will be larger than ever.

We welcome people of all backgrounds

Diversity is important to us at Alptec, both inside and outside of our apps. In everything we do, we strive to make technology-generated contacts more inclusive by developing apps that bring people from all corners of the earth together.

Our products are available in more than 40 different languages